A transformational platform that delivers new, actionable learning and insights 

An experienced team of Wall Street professionals, data scientists, and experts in technology, consumer marketing and customer experience, working together to develop a transformative platform that delivers better alternative investment insights.



  • Andrew DeVillers

    Wells Fargo

  • Matt Frymier

    CEO Corrum Capital

  • Sam Hocking


  • Marco Iansiti

    Head of Technology and Operations Management Unit and the Digital Initiative at HBS.

  • James M. Nakfoor

    Empresarial de Capitales, S.A. de C.V. controlled by Carlos Slim

  • Wells Fargo

  • Wildcat Capital Management

    David Bonderman

  • Control Empresarial de Capitales, S.A. de C.V.

    Controlled by Carlos Slim

  • Chris James

    Partner Fund Management

  • Jeff Ubben


  • Bernay Box

    Bonanza Capital

  • Houston Hall

    Falcon Fund

  • Andy Redleaf

    CEO of Whitebox

  • Cowen Group, Inc.

A stable of expert advisors from leading corporations and universities from around the world offers exceptional strategic business support.

  • Alain Bifani

    Lebanon Minister of Finance

  • Kevin Boudreau, PhD

    Harvard Business School

  • Marco Iansiti, PhD

    Harvard Business School

  • Ramesh Johari, PhD

    Stanford University

  • Karim Lakhani, PhD

    Harvard Business School

  • Rob Slaymaker

    Partner, Alambic Investment

  • Ric Velez

    Former Associate General Counsel Skype

  • Rakesh Vohra, PhD

    University of Pennsylvania

Big data, superior analytics, and proprietary algorithms, coupled with human intellect and professional experience (along with a healthy dose of imagination, innovation and integrity) drive our company and our vision.