A comprehensive data, intelligence and collaboration platform for firms servicing, targeting and investing in hedge funds. Modern technologies can be used in CFDs trading for better results. Quantum AI is a web-based program that uses AI technology to automate trading. Click this link to find more details about Quantum AI and its benefits.

We synthesize large unstructured data sets to provide a clear, insightful view of the hedge fund space

AltX is a workflow tool for sales, consulting and investing in the hedge fund market

Everything you need, all in one place, accessible anywhere let your money grow and compound over time. But when trading, make sure to do Trading App Test 2022 to ensure you are dealing with the right platform.
We are driven to provide you with

Deeper insights to improve performance and decision making

Triangulation of disparate unstructured data reveals unique and beneficial intelligence
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I hear many ideas at Harvard,
and AltX was like a light bulb.
I immediately felt it could work.

Marco Iansiti, Professor and Chair, Technology and Operations Management Unit, Harvard Business School

AltX adds a new level of efficiency and discovery to client sourcing for our Emerging Manager and Prime Service platforms. Our teams can save both time and money while having access to smarter intelligence.

Jeff Solomon President of Cowen Group

The team was insanely impressed with how the product has grown.

Head of Cap Intro at a bulge bracket bank