Connecting the right investor to the right fund

Science + Technology = Better Investments

Proprietary tools developed by leading experts in behavioral finance and advanced analytics, and our patented algorithms that surface compatibility among investors and funds.

Instant Access to Traditional, Novel and Proprietary Data

Fund Performance data from well-known Hedge Fund data sources, one of the largest collections of US regulatory filings, text mining, AltX-exclusive data, and other unique data sources such as news and network relationships/affiliations updated daily.

Better Insights Lead to Better Decisions

Apply cutting edge analytics to your portfolio

  • Clustering
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Liquidity¬†Calculator
  • Innovative Optimization Tool
  • Performance Test new funds in existing portfolios
  • Innovative search capabilities that help you find emerging/growing funds

Better understand your investment preferences and outcomes.

  • Tools to surface investor and hedge fund's conscious and non-conscious attitudes toward risk and other performance indicators/expectations
  • Instruments to determine compatibility between investors and funds beyond financial measures